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Clerkwise Terms and Conditions

All applicants for a subscription to Clerkwise accept the following conditions in full as a condition of their subscription being accepted.


A subscription entitles the subscriber to access the subscribers' area of the Clerkwise website (“the site”), download any documents offered therein and use them in connection with any governing body which employs him/her or of which he/she a member. Subscribers may distribute documents from the site in hard copy or electronic form to members of any governing body to which they belong or which employs them as clerk. However, the subscriber may not pass or copy the document or any part of it, in any form, to any person outside of the school served by the governing body, and must require this condition to be observed by any person so receiving a document.

The subscriber has a personal, non-transferable and non-exclusive license to use the material on the site.

A subscription may not be shared with others unless specifically agreed with Adamson Publishing.

Intellectual property

All copyright and other intellectual property rights in the items on the site vest in Adamson Publishing Ltd or a third party contracted by Adamson Publishing Ltd to supply item(s). A subscription does not operate to give the subscriber any intellectual property rights in any of the material on the site.


Great care has been taken in the compilation and preparation of the material on the website to ensure accuracy, but Adamson Publishing Ltd does not warrant that the information contained therein is accurate or complete. The subscriber accepts that it is his/her responsibility to ensure that the items are appropriate and fit for his purpose(s). Adamson Publishing Ltd gives no warranty, express or implied with regard to quality, condition or fitness for purpose. In no event will Adamson Publishing Ltd be liable for damages of any kind, direct, indirect or consequential however arising. Adamson Publishing Ltd does not guarantee the accuracy, content, or timeliness of online or electronic services or that they or related systems are free from viruses or other contaminating or destructive properties.

Adamson Publishing Ltd accepts no liability for libel, obscenity, blasphemy or indecency arising out of the publication of any on the documents on the site that have been amended in any way by the subscriber.


If access to the subscribers' area is achieved by other than legitimate ways, this access will be withdrawn and the perpetrator may be liable for costs.


If any subscriber is found to have violated any of these conditions their subscription will be immediately terminated without refund or compensation.


Subscriptions commence on the date of order and continue for twelve months, unless terminated earlier by the subscriber. Adamson Publishing Ltd may give advance written notice of expiry, but receipt of such notice is not a condition of the expiry of the subscription.

No refund is available in the event of cancellation at any point during the subscription period.

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