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Challenge: How governors can challenge school leaders effectively Reviews

Challenge: How governors can challenge school leaders effectively

By David Marriott

The importance of providing challenge to school managements is constantly emphasised in official literature on governance. While the principle may be easy to understand, the difficulties come in applying it in practice. This short book makes the job real for governors in situations they will recognise and will encounter.

While the need to both understand and use data is not underrated, there are many other occasions where effective challenge is also the key to successful governance. These are captured in a series of vignettes, enacting situations drawn from actual experience. The reader is encouraged to reflect on these and draw their own conclusions.

How to challenge cannot be reduced to a set of rules. It is a human interaction requiring personal skills and empathy. This book will help all governors – whether new or old, academy or maintained school – improve their skills in this important area.

Publication: 11 September 2017

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ISBN: 9780948543548

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