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Adamson Publishing has been supplying high-quality information about education and children since 1984. Until 2003 we traded under the name Adamson Books. Since the late 1990s we have specialised in publishing books for school governors and headteachers, but since then we have expanded to include a web-based service for governing body clerks and a book for teaching assistants.

All those working in education receive a constant stream of information on legislation, practice and new initiatives from government. Much of this is not easy to understand, and it is often even harder to sift out what is relevant to your own circumstances. In all our publications we aim to interpret and present this information in normal and understandable language, and to help you identify what it is that you need to know.

We are always pleased to hear from school governors, senior leaders and teaching assistants as to what publications they would like. If you have ideas you would like to discuss with us please contact Stephen Adamson.


Our publications are sold mainly by mail order, and in general the quickest and cheapest way to buy them is to order direct from us. You can either call with your order, email them or use and post our Order Form.

1 Gramapol House, 236 Valley Road, London SW16 2AD

t: 020 8696 7578

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