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Information for School Governors

Access to up-to-date and reliable information and advice is crucial for those involved in governing our schools. Our aim is to help you with explanations and guidance that are targeted to your needs, concise and easy to use.

Our many books include the annual School Governors' Yearbook, which helps hard-pressed governors get on top of their tasks by explaining the many changes in education that have just happened or are about to happen, describing what governors need to know about them, and guiding them as to where they can get detailed advice on specific tasks. All our books are marked by clarity and brevity, and are written from the perspective of what governors need to know and do.

Information for Clerks

Clerkwise, our unique web-based service for clerks to governing bodies, keeps them up to date with information they need to support their governing bodies. Click on "About Clerkwise" to the left for details.

Information for Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistants: The Complete Handbook does, as the Times Educational Supplement said, what it says on the tin. Now in its third edition this popular handbook explains exactly what a teaching assistant needs to know and do.

Our publications account for practice and law in both maintained schools and academies.

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